Smart, powerful & reliable.

Enphase micro-inverters are the heart of every Paramount solar system. Based on a distributed architecture, this modular microinverter design means you can easily expand a system with more panels and battery storage as your needs grow.

Why invest in high quality solar technology?

The energy landscape in Australia is changing rapidly. Paramount systems are designed to adapt to what ever the future may bring while providing immediate advantages today.


Less reliance on the grid

Increased energy savings


Superior low-light performance

Higher energy production

Peace of mind

25 year industry leading warranty

24/7 monitoring & support


Rapid remote shutdown

Safest solar technology

Breakthrough tech captures energy even when there are clouds passing over the
solar array.

Built to withstand time & the elements

Smart Auto Updates

Enphase Solar is smart enough to update itself automatically over the internet to deliver the latest software, performance and new features.

Scale Easily

Enphase Solar is built on a distributed architecture platform. This modular microinverter design means you can quickly and easily expand your system as your needs grow and add battery storage.

Water Proof

Enphase Solar is a NEMA 6 rated, which is the highest water proof and dust seal rating meaning it can endure just about anything Mother Nature send it’s way.

Extreme Heat

Enphase micro inverters are designed to operate under extreme heat and provide superior energy yields with an ambient temperature rating up to 60 deg C.

Monitor your system from anywhere, anytime

Enphase micro inverters provide the ability to monitor every solar panel independently to ensure each solar panel is working to it’s maximum potential. With the enlighten platform you can track your solar performance and home energy consumption to see how much solar energy you are producing and how much you are saving.

AC Module

Specifically designed as an AC Module for maximum energy yield

Start Up Voltage

22 V

Designed to increase the operating window.

Conventional system startup can be as high as 150v.

Technology Comparison

Enphase Energized

Flexible Design

No string sizing
Multiple configurations
All-AC design

Easier Installation

Simple All AC installation
No mounting a string inverter

Greater Productivity

In independent studies, Enphase produced up to 3.1% more energy

Higher Reliability

No single point of failure

String Inverters

Rigid Design

String sizing
Minimum system size is 8 panels
DC and AC design required

Complex Installation

Added complexity with DC and AC
Design changes in field are difficult

Lower Productivity

Productivity varies by string length

Less Reliable

Inverter is a single point of system failure

String Inverters DC Optimizers

Rigid Design

String sizing
Minimum system size is 8 panels
DC and AC design required

Complex Installation

Added complexity with DC and AC
Design changes in field are difficult

Lower Productivity

Productivity varies by string length

Less Reliable

Inverter is a single point of system failure

Want to become energy independent?

Enphase FAQs

Enphase microinverters may appear more expensive upfront than traditional string inverters. However, it’s essential to consider the long-term benefits and cost savings they provide. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

1. Increased Energy Production: Enphase microinverters optimise the performance of each panel, allowing for greater energy production even in shaded or suboptimal conditions. This increased energy generation reduces your power bill and can offset upfront costs over time;

2. Enhanced Monitoring and Troubleshooting: The built-in monitoring capabilities allow you to track the performance of each panel in real time and identify any issues quickly. This proactive approach can save you time and money by addressing potential problems before they become significant;

3. Improved System Flexibility: Enphase systems are modular and expandable, allowing you to start with a smaller installation and add panels later if needed. This flexibility can help you manage your budget by spreading out the investment over time;

4. Long Lifespan and Warranty: Enphase micro inverters come with a standard warranty in Australia of 10 years for the IQ7 and 15 years for the new IQ8, ensuring their durability and reliability over an extended period. This warranty coverage provides peace of mind that your investment is protected;

5. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Enphase microinverters require virtually no maintenance.

While Enphase microinverters may have a higher initial cost than traditional options, their advanced features and long-term benefits make them worthwhile for maximising your solar system’s performance and return on investment.

It’s also worth noting that the overall cost of a solar installation depends on various factors such as system size, location, installation complexity, and local incentives or rebates available.
Paramount Energy can provide a quote to ensure accurate pricing based on your requirements.

Enphase IQ micro-inverters are renowned for their high reliability. IQ is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions, and these devices are rigorously tested to meet and exceed the industry standards for temperature resistance. Each is encased in a protective, weatherproof housing that shields the electronics from heat and other environmental elements. They also have excellent heat dissipation properties that help keep the internal components cool.

In their IQ Microinverter Extreme Heat and Durability Study it states,

“When designing the IQ microinverters, our product engineers applied a decade of reliability lessons learned from over 17 million microinverter shipments. IQ uses proven components, and it passes all measures of Enphase’s rigorous, million-hour reliability test. IQ has also been successfully field tested on rooftops in Australia and Arizona, two of the hottest places in the world in summer.”
Source: Topic Brief – Heat and Durability

The performance data displayed in this report showed the test systems in 3 different Australian locations recorded the internal microinverter temperature stayed within 17-20° of peak ambient temperature. This is well below the IQ’s stated 85° C maximum operating temperature.

The micro-inverter technology isolates each panel within the system, ensuring that the rest of the system continues to operate effectively even if one panel or inverter fails. This minimises any potential power loss and maintains a high level of system performance. However, like any technology, proper installation ensures maximum reliability.

Enphase’s micro-inverters also come with an industry-leading 10-year warranty for the IQ7 and 15 years for the new IQ8, in Australia, further attesting to their durability and reliability.

Enphase Energy’s micro-inverters are known for their robust reliability and low failure rate.
According to Badri Kothandaraman, Enphase Energy’s President and CEO, in a letter to shareholders released on April 12, 2022 he stated, “I have often said that our target annual failure rate for microinverters is 0.05%. That is now a reality”.
This is a significantly lower failure rate compared to traditional string inverters!

It’s worth noting that if a problem occurs, Enphase offers a 15-year warranty on its new IQ8 micro-inverters in Australia, providing homeowners peace of mind. Proper installation and maintenance are crucial in ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your solar power system.

Yes, Enphase Energy solar micro-inverters are considered very safe. They use sophisticated electronics and software to convert and manage the DC power from solar panels into AC power that can be used in your home. Unlike string inverters, which send high-voltage DC electricity down to a central inverter, Enphase micro-inverters convert DC to AC right at the panel. This minimises the amount of high-voltage DC electricity running through your system.

Furthermore, each micro-inverter operates independently. If there’s an issue with one panel or inverter, it won’t affect the rest of your system. Also, Enphase’s Enlighten monitoring platform allows for remote troubleshooting and can alert you and your installer to any potential issues promptly.

While these systems are inherently safe, a qualified professional must install and maintain any electrical system to ensure maximum safety.

Yes, one of the significant advantages of micro-inverter solar systems is their scalability. You can quickly expand an existing system by adding more solar panels, each with its own micro-inverter, given that you have sufficient roof space and your system adheres to local regulations. This is a significant advantage over traditional inverter systems, which often require a complete redesign or upgrade of the inverter when adding more panels.

Please note that IQ8 Series Microinverters cannot be mixed together with previous generations of Enphase microinverters (IQ7 Series, IQ6 Series) on the same IQ Gateway.

Always consult a qualified solar installer before expanding your system to ensure it is done correctly and safely.

Yes, you can add batteries to your solar power system. Enphase offers a range of AC batteries compatible with their micro-inverters, allowing homeowners to store excess solar energy during peak times or power outages.
The battery system is modular, meaning you can start with one battery and add more as your needs grow. This flexibility allows you to tailor your energy storage solution to your needs and budget.

Enphase IQ Batteries are the first storage system based on micro-inverters to satisfy the UL 9540A-a’s performance requirements, a unit-level test for thermal runaway fire propagation protection in wall-mounted residential indoor systems.

The IQ Battery 5P offers remarkable power, at 7.68 kW peak power and a continuous power rating of 3.84 kW, and it comes with a 15-year limited warranty covering up to 6,000 cycles.

The price of Enphase batteries in Australia can vary depending on the battery’s capacity, installation location, and integration with your current system, if applicable.
However, as a rough guide a 5kWh battery is $9,900 installed, and every 5kWh battery you add on after that is $6,000 fully installed. This price includes the cost of the battery itself, necessary additional equipment, and installation charges.

Remember that while price is important, it’s also crucial to consider factors like warranty length and installer experience when making your final decision on a solar battery for your Brisbane (Queensland) home or business.

Prices can change over time due to various factors, so always confirm the current price with your supplier.

The size of a solar energy system that can be installed on your home is not limited by the technology itself, but rather by factors such as the available roof space, the angle and orientation of your roof, local regulations, and your energy consumption needs.

The latest IQ8 series micro-inverters are compatible with solar panels up to 505W, providing flexibility for larger systems.

For a detailed answer, don’t hesitate to contact us to evaluate your home’s suitability for solar and provide a system size recommendation based on your specific circumstances. It’s also important to check with local planning authorities for any restrictions or requirements in your area.

Absolutely as they offer several benefits that can be particularly advantageous in a commercial setting.

Firstly, because each micro inverter operates independently, any potential issues or shading on one panel will not affect the performance of the entire system. This is beneficial for large commercial roofs with varying sun exposure across different areas.

Secondly, Enphase’s sophisticated monitoring platform allows for easy performance tracking and troubleshooting of your solar array, an essential feature for managing larger commercial systems.

Lastly, the scalability of Enphase systems allows businesses to start with a smaller system and expand as necessary to meet growing energy needs.

It’s important to note that while these solar inverters can offer many benefits for commercial installations, the best solution will depend on your specific circumstances, including building design, energy usage and budget.

The Enphase Installer Network (EIN) is a community of trusted installers that are trained and certified to install their products. They have demonstrated a commitment to high-quality installation practices and customer service.

Being part of the EIN means these installers receive continuous training and updates from Enphase, ensuring they’re up-to-date with the latest products, tools, and best practices. This allows them to deliver their customers the most efficient and reliable solar energy systems.

When you choose an installer from the EIN, you can be confident that they have been vetted and meet their high standards for quality. Whether installing a new solar system or expanding an existing one, using an EIN installer can help ensure your project is completed correctly and safely.

Paramount Energy is proud to advise we are a Platinum installer.

Platinum partners have the longest track record of exclusively installing Enphase products. They deliver exceptional quality and earn the highest customer satisfaction scores.
Source: EIN