Time to become the wizard of your house.

Ever wondered what it’s like to control your lights, appliances, security system, irrigation system and more directly from your smart device? The future of home automation is here.

Smart Home Benefits


With smart home technology that activates temperature control, you’ll never come home to a too hot or cold house again.


You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Put your connected home to work and keep energy use in check, with automated alerts.


Whether it’s getting everyone up and out in the morning [blinds up, radio on], entertaining guests [lights dimmed, playlist on], or bedtime [downlights off, blinds closed]. Pre-set scenes simplify your routine.


Smart home technology allows you to electronically access home security cameras from anywhere and can alert you when sensors detect strange movements.

How it works

Convenience, security, comfort, energy efficiency and energy monitoring are all improved when you effortlessly control and automate your home, using as much or as little technology as you wish.

Affordable and scalable, a smart home puts you in charge. Use voice recognition via a central hub, or an app on your smart device, to control your smart appliances. Turn your heating or cooling on before you arrive home, preheat your smart oven, or program your lights to suit your lifestyle. The technology is here, and it is easy and affordable.

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Why be a Smart Home?

100% Convenience
Pre set scenes to simplify your routine.
100% Comfort
Too hot? Grab your smart device and crank the air con!
100% Secure
Monitor your home security system from anywhere in the world.

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