The most innovative & advanced solar systems in the world.

To produce more solar power from a smaller roof space, make it safer, smarter and easier to expand and integrate with new technologies like battery storage and smart homes. This is the future of solar technology today.

Solar Benefits


Leading solar panel technology with industry leading power outputs.


Installed above industry standards to ensure the lifetime safety of each system is achieved.


Our clients save on average 80% of their original electricity bills after installation.


When you self-consume the electricity that your solar panels are producing, it’s 100% free electricity.


Take control of your living expenses. Avoid being a victim of forever increasing electricity costs.


Reduce your reliance on dirty coal-fired power plants by creating your own clean power plant.


Add value to your home – Real estate agents now see solar panels as a revenue generating asset.


Save around $550 per kW of solar that you install on your roof. As an example, if you purchase a 6.6kW system you’ll save roughly $3,600 thanks to the solar rebate.

How it works

Harness the most sustainable source of energy in the world – the sun. Let your solar panels convert that energy into usable electricity to power your home or business. Store the excess solar power in your battery to use at night or in the case of a blackout and feel the freedom of energy independence.

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Arrange an on site inspection with a solar professional to discover how much you can save through Paramount Energy.

Why Choose Solar?

Save 80%
Save up to 60% on your electricity bills.
100% Clean
Ask our team about a plan that supplies your site with 100% renewable energy.
40% Rebate
Receive a rebate of up to 40% of your solar systems total cost. That’s up to $3600 back on a 6.6kW system.