With well over 30 pages full of Clean Energy Council approved modules, selecting the right solar panel can be a daunting task. Fortunately for you, we’ve narrowed it down to the 5 best solar panels on the planet with a price to suit each application. We’ve broken it down into 3 categories including efficiency/performance, warranty information and price. Please keep in mind that these solar panel manufacturers have been carefully selected as the most trustworthy when is comes to warranty claims and company financial security, leaving us with complete peace of mind when recommending and installing them.

REC Solar Panels ★★★★★

REC solar panels were founded in Norway but now produce all of their solar panels out of  Singapore.  If your living near the beach or in an area that is prone to corrosion REC solar panels are corrosion resistant certified which is a great bonus. Because REC solar panels are made with silicon and aluminium that is produced mostly with hydroelectric power rather than fossil fuels, they are certified in Europe as having a low carbon footprint.

Efficiency/performance ★★★★★

The REC twin peak 2 solar panels that Paramount Energy use are extremely impactful when shading is an issue as they are split into two halves, if one half is shaded the other half is not impacted. REC offer both a ‘mono’ and ‘poly’ option with the ‘mono’ being most efficient ranging between 18.0% – 19.2%.

Warranty ★★★★★

REC solar panels are tier 1 solar panels with a huge 20 year product warranty (10 more than your average panel) and a 25 year performance warranty.

Price & who it’s for – $200-$250/panel

REC solar panels are better suited for roofs with partial shading or corrosive environments such as living near the beach. REC solar panels are a great option if your looking for a ‘value for money’ option.


LG Solar Panels ★★★★★

LG solar panels are one of, if not, the best solar panel manufacturer on the planet. They tick every box when it comes to the perfect solar panel including – a whopping 25 year product and performance warranty, up to 19.3% efficiency and a fail rate of just 9 out of 360,000 installed in Australia.

Efficiency/performance ★★★★★

As stated above LG solar panels have an efficiency up to 19.3% which is as good as it gets. If your home has little roof space, LG solar panels are perfect for this application as you require less panels to achieve a rated output. Did I mention they are sleek to look at? If you enjoy an aesthetically pleasing roof then LG solar panels are for you.

Warranty ★★★★★

LG solar panels offer the best warranty in the industry with a 25 year full replacement warranty including labour. What more can you ask for?

Price & who it’s for – $300-$350/panel

If you like the idea of buying the best and your not concerned about the price tag then LG solar panels are for you.


Longi Solar Panels ★★★★☆

Longi is a Chinese company that produces tier one solar panels.  They only produce monosilicon or ‘mono’ solar panels and are the largest producer of this type of solar panel globally.  Their panels come with a 10 year product warranty.  They also have a 25 year product warranty that guarantees each panel will be performing at 83.1% of the original rated output after 25 years! That’s 3-4% more than your average panel.

Efficiency/performance ★★★★★

As monosilicon or ‘mono’ enables solar panels to be slightly more efficient in converting sunlight to electricity than polysilicon or ‘poly’ solar panels, Longi Solar panels have very high efficiencies. Their 60 cell panels, which are likely to be used on Australian rooftops, have efficiencies ranging from 17.4% to 19%.

Longi participants in Chinas Top Runner Program, which is a government scheme with a goal of boosting the efficiency of Chinese solar panels.

Warranty ★★★★☆

As stated above Longi Solar Panels guarantee that after 25 years, each solar panel will be performing at 83.1% of their original rated output. They also offer a 10 year product warranty on all solar panels. As always, engaging a trusted solar panel installer is key to never having to make a claim!

Price & who it’s for – $150-$200/panel

Longi solar panels are an extremely good option for those on a lower budget looking for a ‘on a budget’ option.


QCELL Solar Panels ★★★★☆

Described as ‘Engineered in Germany’ QCELL solar panels are manufactured in Malaysia, Korea and China with their headquarters for engineering and research in Germany. With a large team of developers and researchers, QCELL are one of the leaders in the industry for innovation.

Efficiency/performance ★★★★★

QCELL Q Peak Duo G5 solar panels are extremely efficient at 19.6% and guarantee they will be performing at 85% of original rated output in 25 years time! Not bad…

Warranty ★★★★☆

QCELL solar panels are salt mist corrosion resistant which is ideal for seaside locations. QCELL solar panels offer a 12 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty. QCELL have an office in Sydney which is great for ease of communication with warranty claims.

Price & who it’s for – $200-$250/panel

QCELL solar panels are similar to REC with a slightly higher efficiency. If you are living seaside with a slightly higher budget QCELL solar panels are a great option.


SolarEdge Solar Panels ★★★★☆

SolarEdge is an Israeli company founded in 2006 with a mission to pioneer the concept of matching a string inverter with individual ‘DC optimisers’ on each solar panel. This allows for individual solar panel monitoring and increased efficiency as each solar panel produces power by itself due to its solar panel DC optimiser. SolarEdge solar panels can only be installed with a SolarEdge inverter.

Efficiency/performance ★★★★★

SolarEdge solar panels are reasonably efficient at 18.3%. Although, with the integrated DC optimiser the lifetime efficiency of SolarEdge systems increase dramatically.

Warranty ★★★★★

SolarEdge Solar panels offer an above standard 12 year product warranty along with a 25 year warranty on all DC optimisers.

Price and who it’s for – $230/panel/DC optimiser

SolarEdge solar panels are an excellent option if your site has shading issues. It’s also a great option for people who love the monitoring side of their system. This allows for very low maintenance costs for the lifetime of your SolarEdge solar system.


Solar panel technology is moving extremely quickly and Paramount Energy is committed to aligning itself directly with these advances. Happy solaring!