See below for the terms and conditions of Paramount Energy Co Pty Ltd


(a) The Company: Paramount Energy Co Pty Ltd

(b) The Customer: Person/s or company to whom the agreement is addressed

(c) Goods: the products specified in the proposal

(e) The Energy Retailer: The customers contracted Electricity supply/ energy retailer.

1. Agreement

1.1 The agreement is between the Customer and the company for the installation, supply and purchase of the goods specified above.

1.2 The Customer agree to the sale Terms and Conditions in the proposal.

1.3 Upon the Customer accepting and signing the proposal along with payment of deposit, the Company agrees to the terms and conditions in this document.

1.4 The Customer accepts the quotation and will pay the deposit indicated to the Company.

1.5 The customer agrees to pay the balance of the cost of the system within 3 days of installation.

1.6 This agreement is governed and construed in accordance with Australian Consumer Law and Laws in force in each state.

1.7 A 10 day cooling off period is provided for non-solicited sales or where indicated in writing from a company sales person. A customers’ cooling off period can be used to termination the contract within 10 days after the contract has been entered and will receive a full refund of deposit.

1.8 If the Customer chooses to finance their system, the funding solution will be a separate agreement between the Customer and the financier. Any amounts payable by the Customer to the financier will be payable for the term of the funding solution regardless circumstances relating to the system performance.

2. Termination

2.1 The Company may terminate this agreement if Government changes relevant legislation with regard to installation of the system.

2.2 The Company may terminate this agreement if the customer fails to pay the balance owing.

2.3 The Company may terminate this agreement where we determine there is a safety risk in proceeding or if the premises is not fit for the installation of the system.

2.4 The customer may terminate within a cooling off period.

2.5 The customer may terminate if unforeseen costs or changes to the system are unacceptable.

2.6 The customer may terminate if Grid approvals are not successful.

3. Small Scale Technology Certificates & Incentives

3.1 STC’s are a Government lead discount arrangement to encourage the use of renewable energy supplies. The customer can learn full details about the STC discount at http://www.cleanenergyregulator.gov.au/RET/Scheme-participants-and-industry/Agents-and-installers/Small-scale-technology-certificates

3.2 The company has calculated the quoted STC discount based on: – information regarding required system sizing provided by you – the quantity of STC’s available to the customers site specific system – and the current monetary value of each STC

3.3 The company has included the STC discount in the quoted price. The Customer agrees to assign the STC rights, title and interest in respect to the quoted system to the Company. The Company will administrate the STC discount

3.4 The company has the right to adjust the quoted system price prior to installation to reflect any STC changes from the government.

3.5 Any rebates for electricity is between the customer and electricity retailer.

3.6 The Company recommends the Customer communicates with their Energy Retailer both before and after the installation to understand any changes that may be made to the Energy Retailers charges including; supply tariff rates, feed-in tariff rates, daily connection rates and solar connection charges.

3.7 The Customer agrees that if they ineligible, or unable or unwilling to sign the paperwork to obtain and assign the STCs then the customer is liable to pay the full rebate amount to the Company and will be responsible for claiming themselves.

3.8 – The Customer agrees to meet costs associated with the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme including the installation of a new electricity meter (if required) as noted in the ‘Connection Fee’s’ section on the ‘System’ pages in this document. Prices for installation or alteration of the customers’ meter are set by the distributor and costs are with the Customer not the Company.

4. Approvals

4.1 The Customer authorises the Company to carry out Grid Applications with the Customers Energy Retailer on behalf of the Customer.

4.2 The company will make an application with energy retailer for Grid Connection approvals on your behalf. The company will; – make the application within 1 business day of order – keep you updated on the progress of the application – respond to any information or requests from the distributer in a timely manner and promptly give you notice of all outcomes.

4.3 If the Grid Connection approval is not successful, a full deposit refund will be provided by the Company to the Customer.

4.4 The Customer is responsible to discover whether other approvals are required from any organisation or authority, apart from the Energy Retailer for the installation of goods.

4.5 The Customer must apply for any additional approvals, permits and consents as soon as possible.

4.6 The Customer must communicate any information relevant to

4.5 to the Company in writing in a timely manner. Solar Panel Placement and orientation. (Provided below or with attached Nearmaps report) Terms and Conditions Panel layout diagrams are not available for your property at this time **Panel placement may need to be adjusted due to access, fixing points or other unforeseen circumstances. Our installers will work with you to find a solution that provides the best performance outcome. Please see our terms and conditions to see our policy on panel layout changes.

5. Deposit and Balance of Payment.

5.1 A deposit of 50% is required at time of order for which the Company will issue a receipt to the Customer.

5.2 All amounts payable to the company under our agreement can be made using: Bank cheque, cash, credit card, Electronic transfer, direct deposit or via an agreed finance provider.

5.3 In the event of the customer not paying the full balance owing on the due date the customer agrees to be liable for all fees and expenses incurred by the company in trying to obtain the outstanding amounts. This includes debt collection fees and legal fees while also liable for an interest rate of 10% calculated from the due date. Full payment is due three (3) working days after installation.

5.4 In the event full payment for the system is not provided in the specified time frame the Customer agrees to grant permission to the Company or the companies agent to enter the premises and remove the goods.

5.5 Credit card transaction will occur a 2.5% surcharge. This is a bank charge, not a Paramount Energy charge.

6. Refunds

6.1 A full refund will occur under the following conditions: – Grid connection approvals for your solar system are not successful. – We give you notice of a price rise due to STC rate changes and you choose not to accept the revised price. – Unforeseen costs, performance output or circumstances are brought to light on the day of installation that are not acceptable to the customer. – Where the final system design is significantly different to the original design and the customer does not agree to the changes. – A customer terminates the contract under the cooling off period. – The Company is unable to meet the agreed installation date and the Customer does not accept a revised installation date.

6.2 Where costs have been incurred by the Company, the Company may withhold a reasonable amount from the deposit to cover the incurred costs.

7. Finance and alternative purchasing arrangements

7.1 The Customer may choose to arrange an external financing for the Goods.

7.2 The Customer may choose between a referred Financial institution or their own choice of Financial institution.

7.3 If the Customer chooses to finance the Goods, they must provide a formal approval of funds prior to the agreed installation date.

7.4 If the Customer chooses to use the Company’s referred Financial institution, the Company and the referred Financial institution will provide clear information on the nature, repayments, fees and charges of the Financial product. The Customer will also be provided with information regarding the compliance of the Financial institutions compliance to the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth) (“the NCCP Act”).

8. Installation

8.1 Provided all ordering and approval processes have been met, the company will deliver the system to the customers’ premises and install the system on the agreed installation date.

8.2 All necessary access will be given by the customer to the company for the install of the goods outlined above.

8.2 Arranging connection of mains power to the property is no way connected to this agreement.

8.3 We rely on your information regarding your site inspection. And you acknowledge that you may be liable for additional installation charges due to any unforeseen electrical complications.

8.4 The output of a solar array can vary depending on roof orientation and angle, panel position, location of property and other variable factors. The Company can therefore only estimate production figures. The savings on your power bill will vary with these factors as well as vary depending on which electricity tariff your home is allocated to.

8.5 The Customer acknowledges that the electricity supply to the property may be temporarily interrupted during installation or meter changeover. If the power is interrupted the Customer confirms this will not adversely affect anyone at the property who relies on life support equipment.

8.6 Within 3 business days of installation completion the Company will submit a request with your Energy Retailer replace or reprogram your electricity meter. Energy retailers typically require 2-4 weeks to complete this work before your system can be used.

8.7 The company will supply to the Customer an email detailing a list of equipment installed along with Manuals, Warranty paperwork, Shutdown and isolation procedures, Testing, compliance, safety and technical paperwork.

9. Inverter Wi-Fi Connection

9.1 The company, if requested will attempt to connect the Inverter Wi-Fi to your home network and set up the initial reporting application or web service provided that; – On the day of installation, the customer has provided the home network name and password to the installer. – The Wi-Fi signal is sufficient to support the connection to the inverter. – No home network reconfiguration is required by the installer.

9.2 The Company does not guarantee connection of the inverter to the home network or the associated monitoring function, but will make reasonable attempt where possible.

9.3 The customer acknowledges that home network support may be required by an IT professional to enable a connection between the solar inverter and the home network.

9.4 The customer is responsible for keeping their home Wi-Fi network connected to maintain remote monitoring and email alerts.

9.5 Should your Wi-Fi disconnect from an issue unrelated to the inverter, you will need to reconnect it to your modem.

9.6 The customer acknowledges that additional site visits to connect the inverter to the home Wi-Fi network will be charged separately.

9.7 The Customer must pay the full balance of payment for the system regardless if the inverter Wi-Fi is function or if it is unable to be connected on the day of installation.

10. Consumer laws and Code of Conduct

10.1 For full consumer protection, the company will adhere to the Clean Energy Council’s Solar PV Retailer Code of Conduct.

10.2 The company also adheres to Australian Consumer Laws and local and state fair trade guidelines.

11. Complaint process

11.1 If the Customer wishes to raise a complaint they are advised to call 0468425639 and advise our staff that you would like to make a complaint. The company will guide the Customer to the first available manager who will seek to resolve the complaint according to the Company’s complaint policy.

11.2 If the Customers complaint is still not resolved, the Customer should then contact the Office of Fair-trading for the local state.

12. Warranties

12.1 Over and above the customers rights under the consumer guarantees in the Australian Consumer Law, A 10-year retailers warranty is provided to the customer by the company. This workmanship warranty commences on the date of installation, covering whole of system operation and performance, workmanship and products. The customer is entitled to claim a remedy if the goods or services do not meet the consumer guarantee or retailers warranty.

12.2 The 10-year retailers warranty will be made void if the customers’ solar system has been physically moved or modified by any party without written consent of the company.

12.3 Paramount Energy Co Pty Ltd does not warrant products that are exposed to defects and damage caused by exposure to voltage over/undersupply, lightning, damage by flora and fauna, animal interference, building movement and abnormal or negligent use.

12.4 All warranties related to the goods installed will be provided separately.

12.5 The customers’ warranty rights work in conjunction with Australian Consumer Law and cannot be signed away by the company.

12.6 Any estimated savings detailed in our quote or any other documentation provided by the Company to the Customer are indicative only and are not guaranteed.

13. Privacy

13.1 The Company may attain the Customers’ personal information where it is relevant to one or more of the Company’s activities. The Company will only use and disclose the Customers’ personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

14. GST

14.1 GST is The Goods and Services Tax Act 1999 14.2 Unless GST is formally excluded, the amount payable for the goods and services provide by the Company to the Customer includes GST.

14.2 The Company and the Customer agrees to provide all tax invoices and documentation that may be required to enable the other party to claim an input tax credit, adjustment and/or refund in relation to GST paid or payable.

Contacting us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below: solutions@paramountenergy.com.au +61 468 425 639