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Paramount Energy was founded on a single defining principle:

Providing Australian home owners with the highest possible standard of solar systems.

So, if you want the very best solar panel system for your home or construction project, book a consultation with one of our Clean Energy Council accredited electricians or designers today.

Our solar panel installers offer you the most advanced and reliable solar systems in Australia.

How do I know which system is right for me?

The solar landscape is rapidly evolving, which means making a decision about what is the best solar system for your home can be confusing.

That’s why at the heart of every Paramount solar panel installation is Enphase micro inverter technology.

This best in class, modular technology is inherently future proof. You don’t have to guess what your system size might need to be in 10 years time, you can easily expand a system with more panels and storage batteries as your needs grow.

If your home or construction project demands the very best solar power system with state of the art hardware and software, the choice is Paramount.

Who should I trust with my solar system installation?

It has been said that self praise is no recommendation. We totally agree.
That’s why we let our clients and partners do the talking.

We are the solar system partner of choice for Brisbane’s premier high-end residential construction and design operation, GRAYA™.

Hear what GRAYA™ director Rob Gray had to say about the way we work here.

We’re also proud of our reputation with some of South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales’ most discerning homeowners.

We put this down to the best people, systems, service and solutions.

Hear what homeowner Chris Massey has to say about the work we did on his beautiful Paddington home, Lower Cairns here.

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